Friday, March 10, 2006

its not just me!

honestly... DHL are the worst. Sigh. I've realised it's not just me.. all my customers hate them too.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Now they are nicking parcels!

Got a phone call yesterday from a customer of mine who was upset because their parcel arrived... but the top of it was open and it was empty!!
So... DHL have figured out how to get a parcel to the person, but have now fallen down on another minor aspect, to deliver the WHOLE parcel as opposed to the exciting cardboard box and invoice.

I seriously have to laugh. For my customer, a bottle is now being sent via Royal Mail.


dear o dear o dear... it is just me? No-one else seems to be blogging here. Perhaps they have it in for me! I'll have to check for any bad thoughts or actions of late which could be creating bad karma and try to eliminate them. :D

Ciao for now,

Friday, March 03, 2006

The winning threat

Hi World! Let me let you in on the secret paragraph, which made DHL actually consider my five parcels over due by 25 days each (that was not enough) a priority:
eh, hem:
"I am incredibly disappointed about Mr .........s parcel, delayed again for no apparent reason. Can DHL organise a same day delivery? My customer is leaving the country tomorrow for four weeks and has been waiting for this for over three. He is fuming, as you can imagine. The BBC Watchdog are interested in doing a feature about this and interviewing all the people at DHL involved in the process of getting this package to the recipient. Thanks."

...and that paragraph, my friends, did the trick! I copied it to every conceivable DHL email address I could think of, including the dept managers, and of course a fake copy to Watchdog... and by the end of the day the parcels were miraculously found (bar one which was returned to sender), and even better still delivered.

They pushed me to the edge, DHL... but eventually the parcels were delivered. All is not totally happy though because I have still potentially lost some good customers, as well as all the money and not to mention time and energy spent sorting out the whole matter, and free products sent too. So I urge you people, DONT USE DHL if you want to stay in business!! It's not the small things that bring down an empire, it can be as simple as running out of thread (or in our case our logistics partner letting us down).

I'm a philisophical kind of a person, and I do believe that life brings us challenges for a reason. So I will now spend the next days trying to figure out what this challenge has done to enrichen my life ?!? Maybe it has made me more aware of customer service? Maybe it has made me appreciate the good service I enjoyed in the past?

I'll figure it out and let you know.

Until tomorrows exciting update,
and peace <...deep breath>

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the saga continues

Here is an email from DHL. Yesterday their last email said (and had me in a state of hope):
"Good Aftenroon Melody
Just to confirm information below:
The following parcels will be going out for delivery on Wednesday"

...this was after a day of searching, calling and emailing again.

Today IS that magical day, Wednesday. I cannot wait... what news?!

"Good Morning Melody
077788504286- The local depot have spoken to the driver and he has confirmed that this parcel is not out with him. The local depot are currently doing a base check. I will advise you asap
077788504573- Goods out for delivery today 01/03, I will confirm when delivered.
077788504567- I have spoken to the local depot this morning, goods do not show off (I think they mean up) yet, they are going to check and call me back. I will advise you asap.
077788504719- Goods out for delivery today 01/03, I will confirm when delivered
072282489849- Goods in transit to gateway, once arrived I will requsted goods to be re address.

Right. So two out of three of my parcels are out today. That is good. But the three that are not are the really really delayed ones.

I wrote back complaining and added (as my ingenius bid for action) that Watchdog at the BBC are interested in doing a feature on this (I have been copying them in to emails) and would like to interview everyone involved in the process of getting this package delivered.

More news tomorrow, folks! Thanks for sharing this journey of the most hideous bad service experienced ever, with me. I feel much better. Now I can get back to work in peace.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DHL Bad Service Continued... still no parcels

So. Let's continue with my DHL bad service journey. Yesterday I actually let myself get ratty with a guy in the European department, having found that the lady that was helping me and was going to ring all the offending depos had gone home sick. Not her fault but she could have passed the stuff on to someone else. So my new guy, Eddie, actually sympathised. While I was on the phone he emailed the dept who he said would actually action the change of addresses. He included statements like "DO NOT RETURN TO SENDER" to add impact, and all in all I felt like he was on my level.. let's hassel these lazy workers until they actually wake up and do something. So last evening at half five I was happy. BUT, today I go online to track all the parcels and none out for delivery. That is all I want, the parcels to be on a van and out for delivery. Now today is the day I receive my replacement stock, so I'm planning to resend three of these parcels myself. In the meantime though when I call DHL today - their system is down today so no-one can help me!!! DO they think my customers care and will accept that? Systems down call back tomorrow. In short. Another day, still no parcels. Come on DHL. IT's not that hard.. get it together... I'm getting BBCs Watchdog in on the act soon. Speak to you tomorrow!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Worst Business Experience of my Life! A personal rant..

This blog is about the most painful business experience of my life - trying to get a package delivered using DHL (which still hasn't been delivered, 20 days on).

Dealing with DHL has been a NIGHTMARE, and I feel I need to share what has become an awful daily experience with them on the internet so and invite anyone else out there who is equally tearing their hair out to do the same. Here we can vent our anger and frustration about the whole sorry affair in the hope that some day... some day... DHL will wake up to its bad systems and DO something about it!

For today I begin with a brief description of the journey so far. I have spent 8 hours over 20 days, 32 emails and 12 phone calls to DHL to try and get four parcels delivered. The problem started with DHL Germany putting a bad address on the package. The package was stalled this end because of this incomplete address. I didn't know about this because the reference number Germany use is changed when a parcel arrives in the UK. Therefore there is no way to trace the parcel yourself online. After a day of searching through the DHL website, I filled in one of the online forms relating to something else and pleaded for help tracing my parcel. Eventually I received an email from a lady there who said she couldn't trace the parcel. After a few emails another lady there found the parcel and explained that the code was changed in transit (WHY???!!). So woohoo, we could trace the thing. We then found where it was and that the address was wrong. So the lady on the email forwarded the correct address over to the depo by email. Another two days and nothing. We traced the package again. Returned due to bad address. This time the DHL lady called to give the new address for redelivery. Scan said the parcel was out for delivery. Excellent. Next day - back to the depo. By now the customer receiving the parcel had started to get really annoyed. I than called the Vauxhall depo myself. Three times I went from being on hold for ten minutes to being directly cut off - a busy tone! Three times! Eventually when I got through I could hear all the 'busy' people in the background who hadn't answered my previous calls chatting away about their weekend activities! I spoke to the first guy who said he was the wrong dept. I was transferred. After three transfers I spoke to someone. This guy said that the reason why the package wasn't delivered was because DHL used a bad company called James Transport - and he said they were 'cowboys' and that the parcel I wanted delivered was on the end of his route so he had clearly run out of time and put bad address in the scan as an excuse for not delivering. The DHL lady on the email also said one day that the package (which was delayed for a week and a half at this point) was not delivered as the driver 'ran out of time'. I have this on an email from her.
So the guy at Vauxhall got hold of the package for me. He called back and said that actually the address was incomplete. This after us sending over the address details a number of times. So, he completed the address and said the parcel would be put back through the system for Monday. Monday morning.... scan said that the package had gone back to Hatfield. That is the sorting office. HATFIELD?? WHY??? So no delivery again. Meanwhile I had travelled up to my customers address on Friday and hand delivered another package to keep him going until he got the full parcel of goods. I had to give away £25 product and waste 2 hours of my work to do this as well as spend £6 on travel costs.
The situation now is - DHL will look into this (my lady on the email) and hopefully they will try to redeliver tomorrow. But the package is not a priority and by the way their service is not guarenteed.

Well that's where I am up to. I won't start on the other packages which are simultaneously held in transit and with which I am experiencing similar problems. This one is enough to rant about for now.

Please.... is there anyone in the world who hates DHL as much as I do right now - or someone who can suggest a GOOD courier company instead?

Again.. feel free to reply or have your own DHL bad experience rant.

Best Wishes for now,